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Program Resources
Program Resources

Important information for students is provided below.

Follow this link to access your program resources if your class is using BRC Online (Boston Reed's online learning management system).


Student Forms & Documents
  • Program Application (PDF) Students who prefer not to sign up online can use this form.
  • Document Request Form (DOC) Students who require copies of any student records or documents Boston Reed keeps on file will need to fill out this Document Request Form. There may be a charge for document requests.
  • Information Change Form (RTF) Students should use this form to make Boston Reed aware of any new address, phone number or email.
  • Physical Exam Form (PDF) A physician or nurse practitioner must complete this form prior to your externship placement.
  • Assumption of Risk Form (PDF) Students must review and sign this form in order to participate in the Clinical Medical Assistant, Vocational Nursing & Phlebotomy training programs.
  • CPR Information Page (PDF) All the information you need about the type of CPR class you need to take prior to your externship placement.
  • Proof of Computer Proficiency (PDF) Policy statement on how to document your computer proficiency prior to placement in an externship.
  • Sample Resume #1 A sample resume which you can personalize.
  • Sample Resume #2 Another sample resume which you can personalize.
  • Dosage Calculations Reference (PDF)
  • Transcript Evaluation Services (PDF) This file gives contact information for agencies providing evaluations of transcripts for schooling outside the US.